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Workers’ Compensation Chiropractor in Waco, Texas

Federal employees and government contractors who have been injured or become ill as a result of the performance of their duties are eligible for workers’ compensation from the Department of Labor-The Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (DOL-OWCP). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a qualified, experienced doctor who can handle DOL-OWCP cases because they require special forms for reporting workplace injuries and applying for benefits.

Accurate reporting of injuries is essential in workers’ compensation cases, so it is important that you entrust your medical care to a doctor who has the knowledge and experience in the medical field as well as working with workers’ compensation cases for the federal government. At CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, our expert federal workers’ compensation OWCP doctor will diagnose your injury, ensure that the link between your injury and the workplace incident is clear, and help you file your paperwork so your benefits are approved.

Workers’ Compensation Chiropractor for Federal Employees

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As a federal employee, your job is an essential service to the country, and when injuries occur while performing workplace activities, you need to get the medical care and treatment you deserve. The medical staff at CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, has the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to ensure your injuries are properly treated and your workers’ compensation claim is filed correctly. 

Our medical team has over 75 years of combined clinical experience helping patients with workplace injuries, and we are dedicated to putting your needs first. This includes full case management and advocacy in addition to complete medical diagnostics and examination. Whatever your medical needs may be, our doctor and staff can provide you the care you expect. Our range of services include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Auto Accident Recovery
  • Personal Injury Rehabilitation

When you entrust CenTex Spine & Rehab with your medical care and workers’ compensation advocacy, you can rest easy knowing that we have your needs at the top of our concerns.

VA Hospital Employees

If you are a VA hospital employee, you know that working at the hospital can be a stressful and sometimes dangerous job. Whether it is moving patients, technology failures, or any other possible injury occurrence, working at the VA hospital can take a toll on your body. Sustaining a workplace-related injury at the VA hospital qualified you for federal workers’ compensation benefits to help you pay for your medical treatment and rehabilitation so you can get back to work. CenTex Spine & Rehab has experience working with VA hospital employees so we know just how to get you the benefits you need.

Post Office Employees

As a post office employee, there are numerous ways you may sustain a workplace injury. At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we often see patients who have suffered with herniated discs, low back pain, and knee issues due to the strain of working at the post office. Federal post office employees also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits through the OWCP, so it is important that you contact a doctor with the experience needed to get you the benefits you need. Our medical staff in Waco, Texas, knows exactly what the OWCP is looking for with paperwork and applications, so we will ensure that you meet all deadlines and get all the necessary paperwork filed properly for your workplace injury.

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At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we are dedicated to helping federal employees and government contractors get the medical care and workers’ compensation benefits they deserve when they have sustained injuries on the job. If you are a federal employee, including VA hospital workers and post office employees, who has been injured as a result of workplace duties, you need a doctor and medical team authorized and experienced with The Office of Workers’ Compensation Program through the Department of Labor. You need CenTex Spine & Rehab!

From initial examination through possible surgery and any rehabilitation, the cost of the medical treatment needed for a workplace-related injury can be covered through workers’ compensation benefits. As a federal employee, your benefits will come from OWCP. The medical team at CenTex Spine & Rehab will help you file your claim and make sure your recovery process is as smooth as possible. Contact us today to make an appointment to discuss your injury and options. We are here to help you fully recover from your injury so that you can get back to work quickly without the added stress of dealing with workers’ compensation issues. Give us a call! We look forward to helping you with your healthcare needs.

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