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DOL-OWCP Doctors in Waco, Texas

Federal employees and government contractors are managed by the Department of Labor, and any injuries which occur while performing the duties of the job are investigated by and eligible for benefits under the Department of Labor-Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (DOL-OWCP) as implemented by the Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA). In order to have your medical treatment and aftercare paid for by your government workers’ compensation benefits, you need to have accurate paperwork which has been filed appropriately and in a timely manner.

At CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, our doctors have the experience and knowledge necessary to help injured federal employees like you when it comes to filing claims with the DOL-OWCP. We can provide you with comprehensive workers’ compensation diagnoses and treatments after having been injured while working at your government job, and we are happy to help ensure that your case with the federal government is managed properly so you don’t have to worry about the claim and you can focus on the healing and recovery process.

OWCP Case Management

At our Waco, Texas, workers’ compensation clinic, we put your needs first. This means that we will examine, diagnose, and treat your workplace-related injury, but we also work to ensure your OWCP case is managed. If your claim is filed incorrectly, your benefits could be denied by OWCP, so it is critical that you meet deadlines and file paperwork appropriately. With CenTex Spine & Rehab on your side, our DOL-OWCP case managers know the importance of accurate and timely paperwork filing to the outcome of your case. We are here to focus on your case so you don’t have to.

Many federal employees who have been injured on the job are not aware that they do not have to see the “company doctor” recommended by your agency. You are free to choose the treating doctor that you think will provide you the best possible care and make you comfortable. Be sure that you choose an OWCP doctor who understands the medical side of your injury and necessary treatment but also how to communicate with all those who are potentially involved in your claim such as lawyers, nurse case managers, and claims examiners. At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we are experienced in both of these areas, and you can rest assured knowing your case is in good hands. 

Diagnosing and Treating Federal Workers

CenTex Spine & Rehab is one of the leading medical clinics in the Waco, Texas, area which focuses on workers’ compensation for federal employees. Our doctors and therapists offer a variety of advanced and effective treatment methods designed to treat your workplace-related injuries and help you recover as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you get on the road to recovery so that you can return to a pain-free, happy existence.

In addition to diagnosing and treating your federal workplace-related injuries, we are also experts at demonstrating within the OWCP paperwork the link between your injury and the incident which caused the issue. When we help you file your claim, anyone who examines the paperwork will clearly understand how the injury was caused by the workplace duty, so you can trust that you claim is in good hands.

OWCP Injury Services

At CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, our expert federal workers’ compensation OWCP doctor will diagnose your injury, ensure that the link between your injury and the workplace incident is clear, and help you file your paperwork so your benefits are approved. When it comes to chiropractic care for your federal work-related injuries, we offer physical therapy, massage therapy, and decompression therapy which can all be a part of your treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

The exercises our experienced physical therapist use throughout your care are designed to strengthen your body and correct your unique issue. Our physical therapy techniques work to keep your body balanced and in good health while also improving the effectiveness of your spinal correction and ensuring proper skeletal alignment.

Spinal Decompression

Decompression therapy is a type of motorized traction that can relieve back pain by gently stretching the spine. It changes the force and position of the spine to take pressure off the spinal disks by creating negative pressure.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to help those who have been injured regain mobility, flexibility, and strength throughout your muscles and bones. At CenTex Spine & Rehab, our expert chiropractor has the training and knowledge to apply the proper pressure and adjustment techniques to ensure your injury or its aftereffects do not prevent you from living a happy life.

Auto Accident Recovery

Being involved in an auto accident can have serious repercussions on your life. From whiplash to broken bones and everything in between, the harmful effects of a vehicle collision can cause pain at the time of the injury but also long-lasting issues which will cause you more pain in the future. Our doctors and chiropractors at CenTex Spine & Rehab can help you fully recover from auto accident injuries so you can live your best, most pain-free life.

Personal Injury Rehabilitation

No matter what may have caused your personal injury, you will need medical treatment as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation to fully recover. Our experienced medical staff at CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, will provide you with the most complete medical treatment plan to ensure you get on the road to recovery after having sustained a personal injury.

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From initial examination through possible surgery and any rehabilitation, the cost of the medical treatment needed for a workplace-related injury can be covered through workers’ compensation benefits. As a federal employee, your benefits will come from OWCP. The medical team at CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, will help you file your claim and make sure your recovery process is as smooth as possible. 

Contact us today to make an appointment to discuss your injury and options. We are here to help you fully recover from your injury so that you can get back to work quickly without the added stress of dealing with workers’ compensation issues. Give us a call! We look forward to helping you with your healthcare needs.

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