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Workers’ Compensation Massage Therapy in Waco, Texas

Almost everyone loves getting a nice, deep massage. It is capable of working out the “kinks” in your back, relieving sore muscles after a good workout, and simply making you feel happier and more relaxed. When you are dealing with an injury, the benefits of massage therapy provide an effective treatment for the effects of that injury such as pain and discomfort. It is also a great addition to a thorough treatment plan for injuries that require serious medical care.

At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we offer massage therapy as a natural conservative treatment for the relief of musculoskeletal pain for many of our patients. We have multiple massage therapists on staff in Waco, Texas, who provide a variety of techniques which are designed to address your individual conditions. Our medical staff is trained to analyze your condition with thorough examinations and diagnostics so that we can assess the extent of your injury and determine the proper course of action for your treatment. Many patients benefit greatly from the effects of massage therapy.

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay For Massage Therapy?

If you have been injured while performing the duties of your job, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits. Because it is an alternative treatment for injuries, some insurance companies do not recognize it as a legitimate part of workers’ compensation benefits. However, our massage therapists at CenTex Spine & Rehab know the importance of a thorough massage in the relief of musculoskeletal pain as well as other benefits inherent in massage therapy. We will argue for massage therapy to be included as an integral part of your treatment plan so that your insurance company will pay for it through your workers’ compensation benefits. 

Massage Therapy for Federal Workers in Waco, Texas

Massage therapy can be utilized for a variety of different injuries and medical conditions. For this reason, our therapists at CenTex Spine & Rehab often include it as a necessary portion of our patients’ medical treatment plans. Workers’ compensation benefits often don’t cover massage therapy, but federal workers’ compensation is unique.

As a federal employee or government contractor, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through the government if you are injured while performing the duties of your job. At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we are not only professionals in the medical field but we are also very experienced handling workers’ compensation cases with the government under the Department of Labor-Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (DOL-OWCP). 

Workers’ compensation doctors, including those utilizing massage therapy, must be able to accurately document injuries as required by federal law and can communicate everything concerning your injury and why massage therapy is critical to your treatment to lawyers, nurse case managers, claims examiners, and others involved. 

We believe that massage therapy is essential to overall healing for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Increase blood circulation 
  • Reduce swelling 
  • Relax muscles 
  • Relieve muscle pain and spasm 
  • Aid in recovery

Each of these effects of massage therapy help us demonstrate in your workers’ compensation claim paperwork why the treatment is important for your healing after your injury working as a federal employee.

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If you have been injured while working for the federal government, the doctors at CenTex Spine & Rehab can help relieve your pain and provide you with effective treatment methods, including massage therapy. We are able to treat many different conditions through the variety of services that we offer. You deserve to get the medical care you need after incurring an injury or illness on the job. Our experienced medical team understands the complexities of workers’ compensation, especially with the federal government, and we are excited to help you. Depending on your injury, massage therapy may be an option as part of your treatment. 

At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we are proud to be your medical professionals and fiercest advocates with the federal government. Contact us today for more information on our cutting-edge methods and how you qualify for workers’ compensation medical treatment. Schedule your appointment today and stop suffering with your work-related injury! 

We will put your needs first, especially with pain management, injury treatment, and case management. Don’t let the filing deadlines and paperwork of workers’ compensation claims stress you out and interfere with your healing. That’s why we are here. Call CenTex Spine & Rehab to get on the road to recovery and return to your normal, pain-free life. With over 75 years of combined clinical experience, our doctors and massage therapists are here to ensure you heal from your injuries as quickly and effectively as possible.

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