Physical Therapy

Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy in Waco, Texas

One of the most difficult and devastating effects of having an injury of any kind is the restricted movement and function that often comes with it. Sometimes your mobility, balance, range of motion, and flexibility can be impacted by the injury as well as the treatment of and recovery from the injury. In order to combat these side effects, many people turn to physical therapy and rehabilitation which are designed to return your flexibility and mobility to the point you were at prior to the injury.

Serious injuries can happen anywhere and at any time, including during the performance of duties at your job. For those individuals who work as a federal employee or as a government contractor, injuries sustained while you are working make you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits covered by the government. 

At CenTex Spine & Rehab, our medical team is well-versed and experienced helping injured government workers return to their normal, happy lives through physical therapy and rehabilitation which is covered by workers’ compensation benefits. We will give you a comprehensive evaluation when you visit our clinic to determine the cause of your pain and strategize the best course of treatment to help you recover and get stronger so you can return to work as soon as possible.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You

When it comes to making a full recovery from a workplace-related injury, you need the most comprehensive treatment plan possible. This should definitely include physical therapy and rehabilitation. Physical therapy can be useful for men and women of all age ranges who are restricted in their movement and function because of an injury. It can reduce pain, quicken recovery, increase range of motion, improve your balance, prevent falls (and further injury), and hopefully avoid surgery (or additional surgeries). 

At CenTex Spine & Rehab, our goal is to return you to your most fulfilling life minus the pain from your injury. No one wants to live with pain from an injury or the effects of medical treatments, and physical therapy will work to ensure a pain-free existence and greater freedom and opportunity to once again be able to do all the things you love.

Physical Therapist for Federal Workers in Waco, Texas

The physical therapist and medical staff at CenTex Spine & Rehab in Waco, Texas, are specialized when it comes to handling workers’ compensation cases. We are well-versed in all aspects of federal employee workers’ compensation claims, and we know how to ensure timely paperwork completion and filing. You and your medical needs are our number one priority, and we are also your most fierce advocate when it comes to getting your workers’ compensation benefits. 

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) can be complicated and confusing, especially when you are trying to deal with pain and discomfort from an injury. We have ample experience handling the casework for federal workers’ compensation claims. At CenTex Spine & Rehab, we are happy to be your medical team and your compensation advocates.

As part of your ongoing physical therapy treatment, our therapist will not only work with you during the therapy sessions but also send you home with a variety of exercises to continue the progress we make together. In between your sessions, you don’t want to lose the benefits of the therapy, so it is essential that you continue to work using these exercises. They will get you stronger and prevent your injury from happening again or returning to its original pain level.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapists in Waco, Texas, Today!

At CenTex Spine & Rehab, our medical team has over 75 years of combined clinical experience, and we specialize in the treatment of workplace-related injuries. We want you to focus on healing through our comprehensive treatment plan, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, so we can assist you with filing your claim and ensuring you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve as a federal employee or government contractor. Contact our expert physical therapists in Waco, Texas, today to learn more and to schedule an appointment. 

If you have been injured while performing the duties directly tied to your federal job, you may be eligible for federal workers’ compensation benefits. The experienced medical team at CenTex Spine & Rehab understand the complexities of workers’ compensation, especially with the federal government, and we are excited to help you. Depending on your injury, physical therapy may be an option as part of your treatment. Call us so that we can help you get on the road to recovery back to your happy, healthy life.

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